Competition rules

Rules and regulations

  • The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities.
  • The first prize winners of the previous International Piano Competitions cannot participate in the same age group of the current Competition.
  • The maximum number of participants can be limited by the organization.
  • The Competition is divided in two groups:
  • Group A: from 10 up to and including 15 years old (applicants must be born between 1 March. 2008 and 1 March. 2014)
  • Group B: from 16 up to and including 20 years old (applicants must be born between 1 March. 2003 and 1 March. 2008)
  • All necessary documents for participation must be received by the Competition Secretary before 15th of September 2023.
  • A preliminary judging based on the applicants recordings will determine who may take part in the competition.
  • A limited number of participants admitted to the Competition shall be offered the opportunity to stay with Guest families in and near Enschede during the Competition period. Participants are allowed to be accompanied by one family member or a teacher. If one prefers a hotel they must make their own accommodation arrangements.
  • Each competitor is responsible for all costs that may be incurred by participation in the Competition.
  • No appeal shall be possible against decisions by the Jury or by the Competition Directors.
  • The International Piano Competition for Young Musicians is sole holder of the rights to all video or audio recordings and internet broadcasts in all stages of the Competition.
  • The competitors receive no payment for possible TV or radio transmissions, or for participation in the Closing Concert.
  • For reasons of competition planning the competitors are required to report in time.
  • All prize winners are obliged to take part in the closing concert and to be present at the distribution of prizes. Should a prize winner not appear, he/she can lose the claim to prizes; on such matters the Board of the Competition shall decide.
  • All organizational decisions concerning the Competition remain the responsibility of the Competition Directors. The Directors reserve the right to make all final decisions in the event of any misunderstanding.
  • Competition winners must, if requested to play a number of concerts in benefit of the Competition, for which the Competition will pay for the costs of travel and accommodation.
  • For as long as pianists take part in the Competition they shall not be permitted to have contact with, or speak with members of the International Jury.
  • The application fee of € 20 is non refundable and must be transferred before the deadline of 15th of September 2023.
  • After 1st of October 2023 the results of the preliminary judging will be published online. Successful applicants have to make a payment of the participation fee of €150. The money transfer must be completed before 1st of November 2023.
  • The change of the repertoire is possible before 1st of November 2023.
  • The fee of €150 cannot be returned in case of no show. Participants who come for registration will receive € 50, so effective fee is only € 100.
  • By signing the application form the participants declare that they approve the terms and conditions mentioned in the regulations.


The application fee must be transferred to the following account:

Rabobank Enschede – Haaksbergen
Het Eeftink 2, 7541 WH, Enschede, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL06 RABO 0155 1575 58
Account number: 1551.57.558
Account holder: Foundation IPC

Expenses connected with the money transfer are to be covered by the applicant. Please make sure you use OUR instruction by transfer. Indicate the name and address of the bank where the transfer is made from. When transferring this payment be sure to mention:

Your name, age group (A or B), application fee Foundation IPC 2024
The application fee: €20 (Twenty Euro) must be paid before the deadline of current competition
The participation fee: €150 (Hundred and Fifty Euro) must be paid before 1st of November 2023

Competition is over
Competition is finished and prizes has been awarded.
See you next time!
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