Competition 2021

The International Piano Competition for Young Musicians is held every 2 years in Enschede. This event is unique and is the only one International Piano competition for young pianists in the Netherlands.

Participation is open to pianists between the ages of 10 and 20. Beside the intrinsic value of the competition it has an outstanding educational function to advance the professional development of the young pianists.

The International Piano Festival, held in the years, between competitions, organizes workshops and masterclasses, given by prominent pianists and teachers. The Competition makes it possible for its Prize winners to play solo recitals in the Netherlands and perform with an orchestra.

Another special feature of the Competition is the opportunity for participants to stay with host families in and near Enschede. During the Competition a friendly and hospitable reception helps to create a warm atmosphere that serves a balance to the big program.

The Competition will be broadcasted live on the internet (web casting) Members of the Dutch and German press will be present during the Competition, CD recordings are available during the Competition.


The competitions starts on

October 16, 2021

Competition schedule will be published 2-3 weeks before the start
Competition submission deadline is June 30, 2021

The first prize winners

The first prize winners of the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians are:

  • Giorgio Trione Bartoli, Italy
  • Davit Khrikuli, Georgia
  • Ann Gogava, Georgia
  • Tomasz Ritter, Poland
  • Gunel Mirzaeva, Azerbaijan
  • Nino Kupreishvili, Georgia
  • Alexey Sychev, Russia
  • Yu Shuang, China
  • Dmytro Onyshchenko, Ukraine
  • Philipp Kopachevskiy, Russia
  • Eduard Kunz, Russia
  • Ji-Hye Kim, South Korea
  • Siyuan Wang, China
  • Christiaan Kuyvenhoven, The Netherlands

Renowned jury members

Since 2001, a great number of world famous musicians and teachers have been members of the International Jury, including:

  • Diane Andersen, Belgium
  • Rolf-Dieter Arens, Germany
  • Andrea Bonatta, Italy
  • Ruben Dalibaltayan, Croata
  • Elza Kolodin, Germany
  • Grzegorz Kurzynski, Poland
  • Alla Halapsis, Greece
  • Elena Nogaeva, Germany
  • Tori Stodle, Norway
  • Sytze Smit, The Netherlands
  • Ying Wu, China
  • Anatoly Zatin, Mexico
  • Paola Bruni, Italy
  • Dorian Leljak, Serbia/Croatia
  • Youli Galperin, France
  • Paul Pollei, U.S.A.
  • Peter Waas, Germany
  • Irina Berkovich, Israel
  • Mi Kyung Kim, Republic of Korea
  • Yuko Ninomiya, Japan
  • Norma Fisher, U.K.
  • Mikhail Khokhlov, Russia
  • Krijn Koetsveld, The Netherlands
  • Michael Keller, Germany
  • Namik Sultanov,Turkey
  • Balasz Szokolay, Hungary
  • Michail Markov, The Netherlands/Russia