February 17 - February 23 2024
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Varagyan, Vage

Participated in 2008
Group B
Born on 1989-11-10 00:00:00, Artik (Russia).
Started to play piano at the age of 5 with Prof. S. Saradjev.
Since 1995 till 2000 has studied at the Erevan Central Music School with Prof. S. Saradjev.
Since 2000 till 2005 has studied at the Moscow K. Igumnov Music School with Prof. A. Aleksandrova.

Since 2005 till now has studied at the Moscow State F. Chopin College with Prof. K. Knorre.

Attended masterclasses of  N. Shtarkmann.

Attended masterclasses of  M. Aleksandrov.

Received 2nd prize winner of K. Igumnov Competition for Young Pianists in Lipetsk, Russia, 2003.
Received 1st prize winner of L. Vlasenko Piano Competition in Moscow, 2002.
Received Grand Prix winner of All-Russian A. Khachaturyan Piano competition in Moscow, 2003.
— J. S. Bach – WK I b minor
— F. Liszt – E flat major from Grandes Studes de Paganini nr. 2
— F. Schubert – 1st mvt. E flat major D568
— B. Bartok – Sonata 1926, 2nd and 3rd movements
Second round
— F. Schubert – E flat major D568
— P.I. Tchaikovsky – Dumka
— A. Babajanyan – Poem
Third round
The third orchestral round was introduced in 2020