February 17 - February 23 2024
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Kauch, Filip

Participated in 2024
Group A
Special Helena Prize
Born on 2009-05-11, Kościan (Poland).
Started to play piano at the age of 8 with Prof. Marian Michałowicz.
Since 2017 till 2022 has studied at the Józef Surzyński Primary State Music School in Kościan with Prof. Marian Michałowicz.
Since 2022 till Now has studied at the Jadwiga Maliszewska Secondary State Music School in Poznan with Prof. Maciej Pabich.
Attended masterclasses of  Hubert Rutkowski.

Attended masterclasses of  Karol Radziwonowicz.

Received 1st Prize of 10th Maurycy Moszkowski International Piano Competition “Per aspera ad astra” in Kielce, 2023.
Received 1st Prize of 11th Halina and Ludwik Stefański Chopin Piano Tournament in Kraków, 2023.
Received 3rd Prize of 29th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia, 2022.
— J.S. Bach – Prelude and Fugue in A flat major, WK II, BWV 886
— F. Chopin – Etude in a minor, op. 25 no. 11
— F. Chopin – Nocturne in c sharp minor, op. 27 no. 1
Second round
— L. van Beethoven – Sonata in f minor, op. 57 “Appassionata” 1st mov.
— N. Kapustin – Concert Etude, op. 40 no. 7 “Intermezzo”
— F. Liszt – from ‘Venezia e Napoli’ Tarantella S. 162 no. 3