February 17 - February 23 2024
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Karck, Lea Sophie

Participated in 2018
Group A
Born on 2005-05-12, Stuttgart (Germany).
Started to play piano at the age of 7 with Prof. Grit Zimmermann.
Since 2013 till 2018 has studied at the Musikschule Stuttgart with Prof. So-Ryong Chuoa.
Attended masterclasses of  Prof. S. Speidel.
Received 2nd prize of Bitburger Klavierwettbewerb, 2016.
Received 2nd prize of Nationaler Bach Wettbewerb, 2017.
— J.S. Bach – from French Suite no.5, BWV 816 Sarabande and Gavotte
— F. Chopin – Study f minor op.10 no. 9
— J. Takacs – Toccata op.54
Second round
— W.A. Mozart – Sonata KV 311 in D Major (complete)
— G. Ligeti – Musica ricercata III. Allegro con spirito
— M. Moszkowski – from Etudes de Virtuosite op.72, no.11
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