October 16-23rd 2021
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Kan, Lyudmila

Participated in 2010
Group B
Born on 1992-09-08 00:00:00, Angren (Uzbekistan) (Uzbekistan).
Started to play piano at the age of 7 with Prof. I. Terekhova.
Since 2008 till 2011 has studied at the Musical academic lyceum of the Republic of Uzbekistan named after Uspenskiy with Prof. B. Akhmedjanova.
— J. S. Bach – WK I B flat major
— F. Liszt – Study F major op. 3 #2
— W. A. Mozart – 1st movement D major K 311 #9
— E. Grieg – Sonata in e minor, 1st and 2nd movement
Second round
— L. van Beethoven – G major op. 14
— F. Liszt – Vallee d’Oberman
— M. Nabiev – Tanovar
Third round
The third orchestral round was introduced in 2020