February 17 - February 23 2024
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Hejazi Nico, Parvis Noah

Participated in 2016
Group B
Born on 1999-06-09, Bremen (Germany).
Started to play piano at the age of 5 with Prof. Sabine Vassmers-Seib.
Since 2012 till now has studied at the University of Music Bremen with Prof. Almut Cordes.
Attended masterclasses of  Gilead Mishory, Young Lan Han, Konrad Elser.

Attended masterclasses of  Markus Groh, Christopher Hinterhuber (upcoming).

Received 1st prize of Bundeswettbewerb, 2014.
Received 1st prize of Bundeswettbewerb, 2015.
— J. S. Bach – Prelude & Fugue f minor from WK II BWV 881
— F. Liszt – from ‘Études d’Exécution Transcendante’ no. 7 Eroica E flat Major
— J. Haydn – Sonata Hob.XVI/20 in c minor 1st mov.
— A. Babajanyan – from Pictures for Piano no. 1 Improvisation & no. 3 Toccatina
Second round
— W. A. Mozart – Sonata KV 283 in G-major
— J. Brahms – Variationen über ein eigenes Thema op. 21 no. 1
— R. Shchedrin – Basso ostinato
Third round
The third orchestral round was introduced in 2020
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