February 17 - February 23 2024
@ Muziekcentrum Enschede
Enschede, The Netherlands

Clarke, Iain

United Kingdom
Participated in 2016
Group B
Born on 1997-03-26, Isle of Arran (United Kingdom).
Started to play piano at the age of 6 with Prof. John Clarke (Father).
Since 2011 till now has studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with Prof. Heather Slade-Lipkin.
Received 1st prize of Moray Piano Competition, 2013.
Received 1st prize of Junior RCS Gilbert Innes Prize for Piano, 2015.
Received Winner of Junior RCS Concerto Competition, 2014.
— J. S. Bach – Prelude & Fugue G major from WK II BWV 884
— S. Rachmaninov – Etude-Tableau C Major op. 33 no. 2
— L. van Beethoven – Sonata op. 109 in E Major 1st mov.
— I. Stravinsky – from ‘Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka’, Mov. I and II
Second round
— L. van Beethoven – Sonata op. 109 in in E major
— F. Liszt – Tarantella, from ‘Veneizia e Napoli’ S.162
— S. Hough – Etude de Concert (La Russe)
Third round
The third orchestral round was introduced in 2020