Each participant in the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians 2018 must complete and sign the application form posted on the internet www.pianocompetition.com.
All other necessary documents must be sent to the Competition Secretary before 1st July 2018 via e-mail info@pianocompetition.com, or with regular mail (post) at the following address:

The International Piano Competition for Young Musicians
Gronausestraat 142
7533 BR Enschede, The Netherlands

The following documents must be sent to the Competition Secretary:

  1. A copy (a scan) of the birth certificate, or passport;
  2. A short CV (biography) with details of education and participation in competitions;
  3. A letter of recommendation (in English) signed by the management of the teaching institution or by the teaching professor;
  4. 2 recent photos -one passport photo and one artistic photo with the name written on the backside;
  5. Competition repertoire, including exact details of titles and individual movements, the duration of each work or of each separate movement;
  6. Proof of the payment of 20 euro of the application fee to The Stichting IPC (The Foundation IPC):
    Rabobank Enschede - Haaksbergen
    Het Eeftink 2, 7541 WH Enschede, the Netherlands
    IBAN: NL06 RABO 0155 1575 58
    Account number: 1551.57.558
    Account holder - Foundation IPC
    Expenses connected with the money transfer are to be covered by the applicant.

    Indicate the name and address of the bank where the transfer is made from

    When transferring this payment be sure to mention: your name, age group (A,or B), application fee Foundation IPC 2018

  7. After 1st of August 2018 the results of the preliminary judging will be published online. Successful applicants have to make a payment of the participation fee of 150 euro. The money transfer must be completed before 1st of september 2018
  8. The fee of 150 euro cannot be returned in case of no show. Participants who come for registration will receive 50 euro, so effective fee is only 100 euro

At the end of application form each competitor must accept the conditions and regulations of the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians 2018. The first price winners of the International Piano Competitions in the past cannot participate in the same age category of the current Piano Competition.

Please Complete and sign the electronic application form:

Please choose the group in which you will perform:

Personal Information

Gender: *
Last Name: *
First Name: *
Nationality: * [Passport]
Country of residence: *
Date of birth: * Select date in calendar
Born in city: *

Postal address

Street address: *
ZIP code: *
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Country: *
Telephone: * [example: +1 111 1111111]
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Fax: [example: +1 111 1111111]
E-mail: *
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Are you coming with a companion?



Started to play piano
at the age of * with Prof. *
Followed classes
1.with Prof. *since *till *has studied at the *
2.with Prof.sincetillhas studied at the
3.with Prof.sincetillhas studied at the


Participated in
1.Competition nameyearprize earned
2.Competition nameyearprize earned
3.Competition nameyearprize earned

Extra information (concerts, festivals, masterclasses, etc)

Received masterclasses from Professor:Received masterclasses from Professor:
Extra additional information (like concerts, festivals, etc. ):

Repertoire, Group A

First round

1.The Polyphonic work
Composer: *Title: *Duration (min): *
2.Virtuoso study
Composer:*Opus:*Nr.:*Tonality: *Title: *Duration (min): *
3.One work at the participant's discretion
Composer: *Title: *Duration (min): *

Second round

4.The Sonata
Composer: *Opus: *Nr.: *Tonality: *Title: *Duration (min): *
5. One or more works including a modern composition (after 1945)
at the participant's discretion
Composer: *Title: *Duration (min): *
6.One or more works at participant's discretion
Composer: *Title: *Duration (min): *
Photo (300*300px): *

Video Youtube (Link):
MP3 files:

Video files:

I have read the rules of International Piano Competition for Young Musicians and will abide by them. I undertake to honour any commitments arising from an award at this Competition.

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