Repertoire 2012

There are two rounds in the competition. The whole repertoire must be played by memory.

First Round

The maximum allowed total performance duration is 20 minutes (incl. pauses between the pieces).

  •    A Prelude and Fugue from Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I or II by J.S. Bach;
  •    One virtuoso study; 
  •      One movement from a classical sonata;*
  •    A composition at the participant's discretion;

* The participant can play one movement of sonata, if desired, which will be played in the final round completely.

No more than 9 participants will be admitted to the final round. 

Final Round

The maximum total performance duration is 35 minutes.

  •            A classical sonata (completely);
  •           One or more romantic compositions;
  •          One or more modern compositions (after 1945) at the participant's discretion. 
    (The participants have to hand in 3 copies of the modern piece at the registration)

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