Group A

Number of contestants: 18

  • 1st prize, Audience Prize

    Christiaan Kuyvenhoven (The Netherlands)

  • 2nd prize

    Angelica Zaretskaya (Russia)

  • 3d prize

    Elena Popkova (Russia)

  • Schumer Prize

    Tarlan Rachimova (Azerbaijan)

  • Prix Unique

    Danae Dorken (Germany)

Group B

Number of contestants : 20

  • 1st prize

    Siyuan Wang (China)

  • 2nd prize

    Alina Kabanova (Russia)

  • 3d prize

    Alexander Karpeev (Russia)

  • Special Conservatory Prize

    Alexandra Roschina (Russia)

  • Audience Prize

    Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort (Belgium)

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