Participant info

Mr. Marusic Lovre

Country of residence Russia


Born on 1992-08-11 00:00:00, Split (Russia-Moscow)
Started to play piano at the age of 7 with Prof. Rozarija Samodol

Since 2006 till 2010 has studied at the 11 Grade (school) with Prof. Natalia Troull


2nd Prize of the Etide i Skale, 2002

1st Prize of the Allcroatian, 2005

2nd Prize of the Internetional piano (slovakian music), Paris, 2009

Competition repertoire:

First round:

  1. F. Liszt. Study E flat major from Grande Etudes de Paganini #2
  2. F.Chopin. Andante Spianato Op.22 and Grande Polonaise Brillante
  3. J.S. Bach. Prelude & Fugue E major from WK I
  4. J. Haydn. Sonata Hob. XVI #50 in C major 1 st movement

Second round:

  1. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op. 109 #30 in E major
  2. J. Rodrigo. Cuatro estamps andaluzas
  3. F. Chopin. Scherzo #1, op. 20

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