Participant info

Mrs. Korbelova Lenka

Country of residence Czech Republic


Born on 1991-07-11 00:00:00, Chrudim (Czech Republic)
Started to play piano at the age of 6 with Prof. Vera Novakova

Since 1997 till 2006 has studied at the Chrudim Music (school) with Prof. Vera Novakova
Since 2006 till now has studied at the Teplice v Cechach Conservatory () with Prof. Vera Vlkova


2nd prize winner of the Prague Junior Note, 2006

3rd prize winner of the Competition of Conservatory in the Czech Republic, 2007

3rd prize winner of the IInternational Smetana Piano Competition, 2008

Competition repertoire:

First round:

  1. F. Chopin. Study c minor op.25 #12
  2. S. Prokofiev. Suggestions diabolique op.4 nr.4
  3. J.S. Bach. Prelude & Fugue D major from WK II
  4. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op.53 in C major 1 mvt.

Second round:

  1. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op.78 in F sharp major
  2. L. Fišer. Sonata nr. 9
  3. B. Smetana. Koncertní fantazie na Ceské narodní písne
  4. F. Chopin. Scherzo nr. 2 in b minor op. 31

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