Mrs. Ayvazyan Kristine

Country of residence Czech Republic


Born on 14.01.2001, Prague (Armenia)
Started to play piano at the age of 7 with Prof. Katerina Pirochova

Since 2012 till present has studied at the Special music school for the gifted children () with Prof. Irina Kondratenko


2nd prize of The Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona (Spain) 2nd prize of the of The 22nd International F. Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth , 2014

Laureat of the International Piano Competition “The Young Piano of the Prague Conservatoire 2013” , 2013

Absolute Winner of the International Piano Competition “Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte ” , 2012

Competition repertoire:

First round:

  1. J.S. Bach. Prelude & Fugue B Flat Major BWV 866 from Das Wohltemperiertee Klavier I
  2. S. Rachmaninov. Etude-tableau op.33 no. 5 33 5 in e flat minor
  3. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op. 13 no. 8 in c minor 2nd mov.
  4. A. Khachaturian. Toccata

Second round:

  1. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op. 13 no. 8 in c minor
  2. M. Glinka - M. Balakirev. The Lark
  3. A. Babajanian. Toccata from ' Six Pictures'
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