Mr. Ratering Radu

Country of residence The Netherlands


Born on 10-08-2004, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Started to play piano at the age of 7 with Prof. Garry Scheffens

Since 2013 till 2017 has studied at the Sweelinck Academy Amsterdam () with Prof. Marjès Benoist
Since 2017 till 2018 has studied at the AMT Utrecht () with Prof. Marjès Benoist


1st prize of the Steinway Competition, 2016

1st prize of the Princess Christina Competition , 2017

1st prize of the Royal Concertgebouw Competition, 2017

Competition repertoire:

First round:

  1. J.S. Bach. from Partita no.1 BWV 825, Menuet and Gigue
  2. F. Liszt. from 'Etudes d'execution transcendante' no.8 Wilde Jagd S139
  3. J. Sibelius. from 6 Impromptus op.5, no.5 Vivace

Second round:

  1. L. van Beethoven. Sonata op.2 no. 3 in C Major 4th mov.
  2. T. Dun. from Eight memories in watercolor, no.7 Floating clouds
  3. J. Brahms. from 7 fantasies op.116, no.6, Intermezzo
  4. F. Liszt. Legende no.2
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